Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Binez of Politics

So Tom Delay paid his wife and daughter $500,000.00. Mrs. Tom Delay because she "provides big picture, long-term strategic guidance and helps with personnel decisions," and offspring Dani "is a skilled and experienced professional event planner."

Is the general population so gullible they don't think this is standard operation procedure for anyone who gets their hands on any money who wants to keep the money at home or as close to home as possible? Not just with campaigns, but in any business. As a self-employed person I occasionally pay family members generously. It's one of many business write offs, especially around April. And the money just goes round and round and round….. in a little family circle. I know folks who have several family members on the payroll for "consulting work" who may not actually pay what they report they pay family consultants, but it works well at tax time.

It's not violation of rules, it's the name of the game. Delay should have buried the expense information with the WWW Group or XXX Associates, who pay YYY Management to hire the Delay women through ZZZ Partners, Inc. All those WXYZs business records are harder to snoop through.

It's pathetic watching the pots attacking the kettles as if any of them are clean. The Dems can't or won't touch George Weasel Bush, won't touch the questions of honest elections, the truth of 9/11, or WMD, so they spit at one another, dime a dozen politicians commissioning multi-million dollar cover-ups, cowards hoping they're not next on the political powers shit-list.

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