Monday, April 18, 2005


Rich Nations Don't Give A Damn, according to Jimmah Carter who recently stated at a human rights conference in Georgia : "…increasing financial assistance was critical to battling malaria, AIDS and other common diseases that disproportionately affect the poorest parts of the world…Unfortunately, in the rich countries like ours, we really don't give a damn."

I appreciate that Carter's comments made the rightwingers clench their butts and yell liberal lunatic. But while Jimmy speaks the truth, he could add that not only does the US not care about disease killing off people, we also don't give a damn about how many Palestinians the IDF guns down (about time for another sympathy-for-Sharon suicide bomber isn't it?), nor do we give a damn how many Afghani and Iraqi we kill with liberation. Nor do we give a damn how many are still dying in Central America since they've opted for the US brand of coerced "democracy."

Jimmy, why don't you wait until you have one foot in the grave and no influence to admit the US doesn't really give a damn about "battling malaria, AIDS and other common(ers) diseases…" ?

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Marisa said...

Why would the US give a damn about Malaria and AIDS in Central America? Most Americans can't find their own state on a map, let alone care about the welfare of brown people (everyone that speaks spanish is Mexican, remember, and El Salvador is in Russia).

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