Friday, April 01, 2005

Morphology Project

Christoph Schönborn. Will this be the next Pope? Chris is a prominent Austrian said to be a contender for the big hat and robes. The man says the right things:

“In the draft of the Catechism, the so-called Projet revise, which was sent to all the bishops for their assessment, the original text ran as follows: “Israel is not a nation, but the priestly people of God.” There was a storm of protest about this sentence, especially from Israel! It was a total misunderstanding! The sentence was misinterpreted as a statement by the Catholic Church about the present-day state of Israel. It was thought we were denying that Israel is a nation, a state among the states. In reality, this is a clear, positive affirmation about the election of Israel. It is not just one people among many, one nation among many, but God’s own Chosen People. Israel is not a people existing in its own right that God sought out among the other peoples and then blessed with special privileges. No, God himself is Israel’s Creator (cf. Is 43:15). It is he who made it his people. It has its existence through his choice.

What does this mean for the Church? It opens up the need for a change of outlook, in fact, a change of heart. The indelible impression left by the Shoah, the Holocaust, teaches the same lesson. It makes us realize that the deadly hatred of Israel is also, deep down, aimed at the Church, in fact at the God of Israel himself, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. “

It’s part of the Church’s “reconciliation” with Jews. Schönborn is well-liked by Austria’s Catholic youth. A couple of years ago, he participated in the Austrian National Day of Remembrance for the Victims of National Socialism, along with 80,000 Austrian students with Simon Wiesenthal, former Chancellor Franz Vranitzky, President Thomas Klestil, other socially connected Austrians. The estimated cost of the project and event on Heldenplatz was a mere $500,000. The Austrian National Bank, the City of Vienna and OMV, the largest petroleum company in Austria, each contributed $100,000.

Austria began purging pedophile priests back in 1998 when the current Pope chased Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer into a few months of exile in Dresden, after allegations of molesting young boys in an all Catholic boys boarding school. Groer died in 2003 in Vienna at the ripe old age of 85, never charged with anything. Somehow, all this Catholic/Jewish “reconciliation” and purging of pervert priests is connected I’m sure.

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