Saturday, April 30, 2005

Night of the Zombush

Thursday was the first Bush press briefing I actually suffered through in total. Fortunately, he's as loathe to giving them as I am to watching. My first conclusion of the evening was Bush seemed wired for sound as he appeared to hesitate, more than once, waiting for someone to put words in his mouth. CrooksandLiars also thought so.

I'll leave the details of Bush lies/lines for others to expound on and will say physically he looks older, which is par for the presidential job, but Bush also was over pancaked and apparently makeup artists, unable to give him the appearance of real life, settled for sallow dead and thick gray. His half-ass effort, once or twice, to throw in humor was embarrassing, too staged. Whoever is re-animating the mindless and speechless Bush is showing signs of mission fatigue.

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