Friday, December 14, 2007


Former CIA agent: ‘highly likely’ Bush saw torture tapes.

Larry Johnson, a former CIA agent and State Department counterterrorism official, told The Bill Press Show this morning that it was “highly likely” President Bush had viewed the videotapes of the 2002 interrogations that were later destroyed:

Bill Press: You said that you believe President Bush actually saw one of these videos?

Larry Johnson: I think it’s highly likely.

------Lol. Four years as a CIA employee can take some folks really far.

It took Johnson to a Plame harrangue defense because he was "raised to stop bullies", to analyzing the military flight of loose or lost nukes, to torturing the torture of waterboarding distraction - but before all that, in 2002 Larry was employed as a Fox News contributor, appearing several times after September 11, to address the question of military action against terrorism.

He defended the FBI's proposal to interview 5,000 students in the U.S. suspected of having information relevant to the September 11 investigations :

"I think they should talk to everyone that they feel they have a need to talk to. I mean, look, this is war. This is not a legal proceeding. This isn't the O.J. Simpson trial. The folks that attacked us -- they murdered Americans. And we've got to recognize that in wartime, we should do things differently."

(psssst, it's called profiling)

Johnson more recently has graced the stage of that jocular favorite of progressives, mainstream media talking head Keith Olbermann, to discuss yuppie terrorists and how big a crater a bomb in a Mercedes would make.

Damn! this former Bush republican and Orrin Hatch bud has seen the light at the left end of the tunnel!

And now Johnson casually claims, "it's highly likely" Bush watched the interrogation tapes (torture tapes). You can see where that grabs most readers - relating their remarks in the comment section to sex or that this is Bush's Waterloo. Yep Bubba - after years and years some folks still think each and every planted story in and by MSM is gonna bring Bush down.

(Yo, how's business in Panama?)

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