Monday, December 17, 2007

Uncle Sam's Comics Need You

Take note - "democracy needs the voices of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert."

Until now I was completely unaware comics and their writers held "democracy at stake."

But don't worry - democracy depends on an informed public - and as you know - most Americans are glued to their televisions.

Fortunately - political comics today are much more relevant than Saturday Night Live or Laugh-In ever were.

Nothing wrong with jocularity - my generation laughed through Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan/Bush; didn't change anything for the greater good but ...

... stay tuned for the comedy of democracy and laugh all the way to the ballot for the next group of Suits on the Potomac.

Oops! Sorry, but we are out of time... (give a signature look, tilt the head cockily, toss a pen or papers in the air, wag eyebrows ... chuckle).

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