Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Irrelevant Left

Republicans and Democrats are Obsolete.

"The American political landscape has changed and I believe the change is permanent. The two main political parties should be disbanded, they are irrelevant. Most Americans that don’t make their living in politics see no great difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. The issues that separate them no longer apply."

-------- Whig party member Abe Lincoln, later Republican, denounced the British funding to elect Polk as president and Lincoln's party asked "patriots" to decide "whether British gold shall buy what British valor could not conquer."

You see, republicans have used the word "patriot" since birth. Modern pols would similarly say China bought the Clintons or the House of Saud bought Bush; a nugget of truth if you're panning gold.

Way back in 1844 or so the Brits desired a Jacksonian Democrat, a James Polk presidency who would annex Texas and initiate war on Mexico; 1846 US congress declared war on Mexico; thanks to the Democrats who favored war on Mexico and the expansion westward by removing Native Americans in the way. (New England opium trading Tory families in particular were still pissed with losing the Revolutionary war and feverish with westward expansion.) Anti-war Lincoln would speak passionately to condemn the fraud of the Mexican War and soon give his new republican party their own war profits.

The 1800s were as corporate and corrupt and warmongering as the 1900s which were as corporate and corrupt and warmongering as the 2000s.

Disbanding "political parties" would change nothing – you will still have the old whig and tory, republican or democrat, or any "new" party the powers that be devise in the future. Have ya ever heard the term "planned obsolescence"? It need not apply only to corporate products – but what's a politician/political party if not a corporate product.

There has never been any major difference between parties – neither have ever worked for the masses. They word their slogans for empire a little differently but deposit their profits in the same banks – their creators and backers are the same old world aristocracy.

Why folks today seem to think we're witnessing a political "landscaped ... changed" is either intentional deceit or honest ignorance.

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