Saturday, December 15, 2007

Question #1002

With 300,000+ troops and private contractors in Iraq for 4-1/2 years, and nearly all armed with cameras, from simple disposables to digitals, why isn't the public drowning in a sea of horrific war pics and videos?


Anonymous said...

THAT is the best query I have heard in a LONG time. The reason for this can only be that our free society has decided to be "free" to keep all of this imagery out of the public square. Simple as that.

Kate-A said...

I doubt TPTB have the capacity to keep the imagery out of the public view as the troops often upload and email pics home almost as soon as they take them - no one stopping them, other than themselves I suppose. Unlikely sufficient numbers of troops would self-censor to that degee, however.

Another suggestion as to why we're not drowning in a sea of horrific images, and one anti-war supporters might not want to consider, is b/c the images are just not there to record.

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