Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fruity Pebbles

Waterboarding useful but torture: former U.S. agent.

Former CIA interrogator John Kiriakou told U.S. news media that suspected al Qaeda lieutenant Abu Zubaida agreed to cooperate after being subjected to the simulated drowning technique for less than a minute by CIA officials in 2002.

"It was like flipping a switch," he told the Washington Post.

He said the session yielded valuable information and probably helped prevent attacks, but he now believes waterboarding is torture and "Americans are better than that."

------- Hmmmm. Zubaida broke in 35 seconds. Waterboarding was successful because interrogators obtained valuable information, prevented attacks ... now how many Americans are going to condemn BushCo for waterboarding this alqaeda lieutenant for a few seconds?

You are eating fruity pebbles folks.

What I really want to know is who is John Kiriakou, other than another "former" who now works as a consultant in the "private sector" - and when was the CIA's oath of secrecy heaved out the window because so many "former agents" recently have stepped up at the appropriate time to blab freely. To confirm/deny previous "leaks" given to the mainstream media by the CIA.

Kiriakou essentially neutralizes the issue. Waterboarding becomes a dud; the technique only lasts a few seconds and contrary to other exspurts, Kiriakou claims it worked, but we shouldn't do it. It's a draw! Waterboarding is torture – waterboarding prevents attacks/saves lives. Both sides win a point. On to the next heated and contentious news byte to debate.

What's next ... Plame ... nah, that's old. The surge? Oh, that's old too. Stolen elections or inside job? Dammit, that's not going anywhere either. Hmmm ... CIA tapes destroyed? Possibly good for a month. How about something on plans to bomb Iran, that's always a good one. How about the Pentagon loses billions, or Iraq loses your billions? Has Chavez said anything funny at the UN lately?

(Whatever you do – do not seriously focus your attention on term limits, Social Security con games, dumbing down public education, pork barreling, or verifiable elections, nor anything else the masses might have the slightest chance of changing – you know, those snowball in hell domestic issues – the pols will bring those items up just before election and forget them the day after. Nor should you devise serious strategy for hitting "them" in their wallet, because your fellow discontented Americans - who "are better than that" - but who just really seriously cannot, you know, give up anything at this point in time, maybe later; do lunch and discuss it next week, or the New Year as this is such a hectic holiday time).

Please focus your short attention on issues and items that change nothing. And enjoy life – after all, if it's true, the planet is melting, we're running out of oil, and everything Anglo imperialistic is about to collapse - but the wealthy philanthropists, along with Al Gore, will figure it all out for you in the nick of time.

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