Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mob Power

"The erosion of our rights" in connection with "warrantless wiretapping" has been a common phrase the past couple of years.

Warrantless wiretapping stories often lead with :

"... why it seriously imperils the separation of powers, and continues the executive's sapping of power from congress and the courts."

Feingold Calls Warrantless Wiretaps an Impeachable Offense.

National Security Agency has spied on hundreds of people inside the US.

Or some such words. Still the the "warrantless wiretapping" issue fails to strike fear in my heart. Friends to the left accuse me of not understanding the situation; hinting I'm clueless and not grasping the gravity of what it all means, or worse yet - that I'm a closet republican!

This article, and similar multiple others, is why I have no worry. NEW YORK (CNN) -- "Ten members of an international smuggling ring have been arrested and charged with paying more than $500,000 in bribes to smuggle millions of dollars in fake designer goods from China to the United States, according to the U.S. Justice Department. The counterfeit goods included designer jeans, Nike shoes, Burberry and Chanel handbags, and Polo and Baby Phat clothing ..."

You see Bubba, I believe Big Daddy government is not concerned with tapping you or me or most others inside US borders. BD is not worried about "terrorist" masterminds, not concerned with listening to bin Ladenlikes discussing plots on the phone in regard to perpetrating evil deeds on innocent upstanding American citizens.

Big Daddy government is run by the corporate world - laws (or lack of) are to benefit the corporate world, and although Big Daddy will assure you all government things are done to protect this land, are done for your safety, your well-being, your American way of life - don't believe it, Bubba.

All things are done by and for Corporate Profit, Inc.

Government, Inc. has always and easily rid itself of anyone who might pose a genuine threat to the system.

The anti-war movement poses no threat, they're being worked better than a standup comic works a room in Vegas.

American "dissidents" are not a threat, all ten-thousand or so of them cheering for thugs of color in former colonies, apparently unaware that giving welfare to the poor will work no better than giving welfare to the rich; producing the same entitlement mentality and a new ruling elite as ruthless as the previous.

Middle-of-the-road Joe Blow is not a threat – just give him another video game or sports channel.

Hardass conservative Joe Blows are not a threat – they excuse decay and social horrors as Biblical prophecy or the fault of liberals, and/or profit on the bottom line.

Bleeding heart progressives are not a threat – they have a disease and prescription for all social ills or fault the conservatives, and/or profit on the bottom line.

And you my friends are not a threat – as long as you continue to shop and frequent the gas pump and depend on pols who spend their lifetime in D.C. safeguarding the corporate world under the pretense of working for we the people. As long as you continue participating in the charade that you have power – you will never have power.

But back to topic - the number one reason the corporagovernment mob wants warrantless wiretapping without legal interference is to search for those folks who interfere with established corporate profit - such as the thugs, smugglers, and corrupt officials above. Government need never mention the information gained with wiretapping to sting them.

Big Daddy government, godfather of global Corporate Family, Inc.


Shutter said...

My Kate you are cynical - with good reason - I have no wurries either - not for that reason but for 2 reasons ;

1. The BD boys are drowning in data and haven't a clue what to do with it.

2. The volumes trawled and erected into databases have inherent design faults that migrate and corrupt making the database worthless.

It give jobs to people - especially of limited talents.

Kate-A said...

Data dump before drowning.

Dependent on government paychecks/contracts the employees will look busy.

Whaaaa? I'm cynical? I thought I was an optimist with all the facts!


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