Thursday, December 13, 2007

Homeland Parables

From Michael Hayden's speech to the Council on Foreign Relations. There's also audio of the speech if you want to hear the old man's voice. Basically just propaganda salesman and lifer Hayden assuring his ruling class masters through CFR that "yessah we be doin' what you wants" - spending, stealing, wasting, lying, murdering ...

HAYDEN: "... So no matter what the external threat is, we at CIA feel just as strongly as any American that our DNA as a nation must not, cannot be altered.

But unlike most Americans, it's also our responsibility to confront that external threat unceasingly, every minute of every hour. And that, too, is an obligation that we at CIA feel very acutely.

So let me make very clear how my agency views the fight at hand. I think it speaks to what a lot of Americans believe, as well. But here's how we see it.

Our nation is in a state of armed conflict with al Qaeda and its affiliates. It's a conflict that is global in scope, and a precondition for winning that conflict is to take the fight to the enemy wherever he may be. From my vantage point, measured by the required intensity of effort or the profound nature of the threat, it's very hard to see this thing as anything less than war. I've seen public references to, quote, "the so-called war on terrorism" or, quote, "the Bush's administration's war on terrorism," but for us it's simply war. It's a word we use commonly without ambiguity in the halls of the Pentagon and at Langley.

We who study and target this enemy see a danger more real than anything our citizens at home have confronted since our Civil War."

----- Simply all war all the time. DNA - civil war hmmmm ... danger more real than citizens confronted since the Civil War. Now what could he mean. Let's see, the Civil War was fought because the fledgling nation was based on two capitalist economies with slight difference - slave labor and wage slaves. Two interdependent economies - i.e. southern slavery produced the cotton for use in northern textile factories who used women and child labor - more huddled immigrants please, there is land to steal and cities to build. And two governments - the Union and the Confederates. Whatever Hayden meant with his analogy of danger it's certainly related to power and money.

"Terrorism" - the new commie for the 21st century. The Johnny Arab Reb against the yankees, the new war-on-something. The war against terror (TWAT). We must confront TWAT every minute of every hour. It's a huge TWAT, global in scope. We must take TWAT to the enemy wherever he may be. From Hayden's vantage point and measurements this can only be seen as TWAT war, without ambiguity. Those patriots who have studied the TWAT see the real danger. It's the biggest most dangerous TWAT citizens have confronted since 1861. If the US does not whip this TWAT the very DNA (genetics?) of "our nation" will be altered.

I've no idea what a nation's DNA looks like although I'm sure it's bred to power and money. But I do recognize a a ruling class TWAT when I see one.

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