Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bolivian Elite Speak

Ex-Morales backer decries party betrayal.

"SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia -- Adriana Gil braved death threats, public insults and social ostracism to campaign for Evo Morales in Bolivia's conservative eastern region during the presidential election last year. She now feels "betrayed" by the ruling Movement Toward Socialism, which expelled her and invaded her family's land."

"It's a conspiracy and a vendetta against me," said Miss Gil, a 24-year-old Santa Cruz heiress who described herself in an interview as a "social democrat."

"The Bolivian people voted for change, not for a dictator," she said.

Only days later, her land was invaded by squatters, who have camped out along 2,500 acres of her 11,000-acre property. Miss Gil, who spends most of her time at a house in the city, said that the squatters have not taken over the farmhouse, but that more are arriving. "We have a government of lies," said Miss Gil, one of several intellectuals, professionals and businesspeople who supported MAS before the December elections but now feel ignored by the hard-line leftist leadership and its indigenous peasant base.

"They want to put us all in ponchos and chulos [traditional Indian wool caps] and make us chew coca," she said, referring to the source of cocaine. "The president only seems to govern for the Quechuas and Aymaras."

… well, it is a "change" Ms. Gil.


Anonymous said...

live with it, bourgeois scum

geoff29 said...

the doors - "we want the world and we want it now."

amj said...

Oh no, not ponchos and chulos. Bastards!

Heehee. She sounds like the Paris Hilton of Bolivia.

Anonymous said...

She is not the only privileged ex-supporter of Morales. And you should all look her up, she was a very outspoken supporter of social justice and change, but nobody asked for an authoritarian government that practices backwards racism. Hatred is hatred, whatever direction it is in.

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