Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here Pavlov, Here Boy

Tehran. "Iran will continue to price its oil sales in dollars but can receive payment in other foreign currency needed by the central bank, Iranian Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri-Hameneh said. 'Although pricing is in dollars, our receipts can be in any foreign exchange,' he was quoted as saying by the ISNA students' news agency. When asked about discussions over pricing oil in euros, held on the sidelines of an Opec meeting in Venezuela, Vaziri-Hameneh said: 'Currently, because basic pricing is in dollars, it is not possible to make such a change.' The Mehr news agency carried a separate quote saying the world's fourth biggest crude producer had already received payment in 'any foreign exchange' needed by the central bank for several months. However, this quote was not carried by other agencies and it was not immediately possible to confirm this detail with the oil ministry or the central bank. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez said last month that his country might price its oil in euros."

I hate to say I told you so but … often, events are not as close as they appear to be in the media. Just as often a friend is not a friend and an enemy not an enemy, only made to appear as one in the media. Might want to look closer at the voices shouting about bourse, euros, dollars, war on Iran, and every other story that falls off the turnip truck.

For the last 30 years the fallout from Iran's "anti-US" stance has filled many a corporate coffer. The 1970's Iranian revolution contributed to the "oil shortage" and drove up prices (hence everything else we humans use). The Iran/Iraq War in the 1980's likewise drove prices upward. The 1990's sanctions on Iraq, Iran, Libya, etc. – ditto. And of course, we see where oil prices have gone this decade, all moving right along as planned by the global elite.

Iran, a so called hardliner State since the revolution in 1978, has helped the rich get richer. As I've stated before, friends in Iran helped elect Reagan/Bush during the hostage crisis (google if you need more on that era). Iran-Contra were girlfriends. Iran has a lot of friends.

Notice when US/Iran tensions lessen - oil prices fall. Every "threat" of disruption in oil supply by Iran or the US sends crude up again. Bad for peons, good for the global elite and their master baiters.

Note too that more than once the US government has waived sanctions so that big business can do business with Iran. I believe the most recent waiver was for Soroush and Nowruz Iranian offshore fields, under the development of Anglo-Dutch giant Royal Dutch Shell and Japan's JJI. While the Amerikun elite can pretend not to be trading with the designated enemy of the moment – their portfolios do. Limited joint ventures indeed. There are more Anglo-elite companies in bed with Iran than oil wells in the Middle East. Pay no attention to the Japan or China or Abu Dhabi company holding the corporate seal.

Iran is authoritarian, which is exactly what the global elite want it to be, no matter how often they shout democracy and freedom for Iran. Those 2 words are to ring Joe Average's doggie bell. He rolls over and slobbers when he hears them, ready to perform any of the silly tricks he's been Lee Greenwood trained to do and proud of it.

Iran is rich with enormous mineral resources, including gold, all yet to be exploited. Germany, Italy, Japan and others happily worked with Iran between 2000 to present to develop its steel industry. Saveh Rolling & Profile Mills has the largest market and is also the largest Iranian exporter of pipes and profiles to every corner of the world.

One of Saveh's biggest customers is Abu Dhabi National Co. for Building Materials BildCo., located in UAE. Foreigners are allowed to own BildCo stock (as with many businesses). One could invest in Halliburton Worldwide Limited – Abu Dhabi. There's a good chance they buy building materials from BildCo for all the reconstruction going on in Iraq. A convenient stop at the Middle East corporate stores for that embassy and those permanent bases. I'm pondering why Halliburton's nationality on the above site is listed as "Caymen Islands." (Abu Dhabi, UAE was in the recent fuss over port security, aka anglo-infighting over a pie.)

Iran government is encouraging joint manufacturing ventures with foreign companies. As in the rest of the tremendous boom going on in the Middle East Joe Average hears about none of it. The region is a dark, gloomy, warring, primitive place for Joe. Ring a ding, roll over. Joe might be pissed if he knew the elite are making billions as he digs between couch cushions for loose change to buy gas.

The ruling elite can level a few cities in the Middle East but they cannot nuke the oil and gas fields and the multi-billions in construction and industry going on there. It would be equivalent to destroying their portfolios, jewels, land, social registries, and living in a van down by the river. That's not to say they wouldn't enjoy killing off a few billion useless feeders but only if it can be done quickly, neatly, without disruption to their lifestyles and fortunes. I'm hoping today's elite have weaker stomachs than the ruling elite of WWII.

Last, but not least, I suspect Hugo Chavez is doing his part to keep the price of oil up. Pay attention to the language. Such statements as "may" or "could" or "might" price oil in euros is a teaser. Also note that Chavez attacks U.S. imperialism – not the rest of the gringo global elite. I'll take Hugo more seriously when the Venezuelan oligarchy begin arriving in Miami. Chavez more likely than not will go out in a puff of smoke from his own failed imitation of Che and Fidel. But, he will take a tidy personal fortune with him for his work on the plantation.

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