Friday, June 09, 2006

Crocodiles Weep While Devouring Prey

US threatens to cut UN funding. The long running battle of ideas between rightwinger America and the UN is known as the "spat." Supposedly the current crisis stems from the UN not giving explicit approval for the war in Iraq (UN did agree with war on Afghanistan "To defeat terrorism, we need a sustained effort and a broad strategy to unite all nations, and address all aspects of the scourge we face." – Kofi Annan 10/8/01)

This latest verbal spat is between Malloch Brown (UN deputy, British toady) and John Bolton (US elite toady and UN rep).

Brown has been "criticized by dissident UN staff for aligning the world body too closely with Democrats in US domestic politics."

As I have stated elsewhere the UN is as useful as tits on a bull.

The UN body prefers the slower death of the target (sanctions, lengthy police actions). The UN murders by charter and articles and allied troops. "Police actions" are always okay with the UN, i.e. Korea, Vietnam.

In places like Haiti and Rwanda victims are always SOL when it comes to the UN. In Haiti dissidents are "gang members" and in Rwanda are warring tribal factions which the UN is always incapable of doing anything about. Africans are important only to the UN and EuroUS when there are natural resources to be had, or as in location, location, location. Places such as Rwanda were once colonial owned and operated by Germany, Belgium, and puppet dictators. At one time Rwanda was the trust territory of the UN. Once a country is sucked dry the global elite have little interest, but they cry a lot of crocodile tears.

In Rwanda 1994-97 the UN, the US, the "West" failed 800,000+ victims. Too occupied with other pressing matters? Insufficient warning to react in time, not enough resources? No, the excusers are lying again. As a journalist once said of the Rwandan holocaust "they just weren't white enough."
Willie Clinton stopped in briefly to apologize to Rwanda in 1998, as his plane engines continued to run - he announced the world was sorry for "reacting too slowly."

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