Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kennedy Jr.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. is to tell us BushCo stole the 2004 election, that Kenneth Blackwell of Ohio was in on it, and "sources" tell BradBlog that Kennedy "does not hold back in this article."

And this will accomplish what? Do ya really think elections were honest before 2004? You really think paper ballots never once ended up in swamps, woods, and fireplaces across the country when a count went the wrong way according to Earl and Jimmy County Clerks?

"Does not hold back." I can hardly wait. A Kennedy will unleash the dogs on the republicans. Payback time you republican liars. Just you wait and see. You're gonna get it now.

Questioning the legitimacy of the voting system, 5 months before election, will convince more voters there's little point in voting with all the fraud going on. That is, the millions of Joes who still think voting makes a difference. So I'm curious – which party does this help at the polls?

The congressional democrats have not exactly been gnashing teeth over the honesty and accuracy of voting in the last 6 years. And how many fought side by side with Gore in 2000 when Jeb gave Florida to Boy George? How many democrats raised hell about the obvious fish odor on Election 2000?

But, I suppose the article will make the republicans look bad, as if they can look any worse. And dammit all to hell – wouldn't we all be in a lot better place if Republican-Lite Kerry and his self-proclaimed African-American Theresa were in the WH now?!

Joe Voter can fear his vote won't count and whichever way November '06 goes the elite win. I.e. Joe Democrat can cry foul if democrats lose and if democrats win big (a good possibility) Joe is assured the voting system really does work and it was only maybe that J. Kenneth Blackwell guy in Ohio that cheated on a count, the system is honest again.

Chicanery indeed.

Thank goodness RFK Junior and pols aren't telling Joe Voter he should abolish PACs and lobbyists, demanding congressional term limits, campaign reform without corporate or individual donors and instead government funding with equal air time, money, etc. for candidates. C-span might actually be useful.

Good thing pols aren't concentrating on talk of pulling government contracts from corporations that outsource jobs Americans can do, forcing pols to balance the budget or go home, telling Israel to make peace or no more checks in the mail. Thank heavens they dare not encourage folks to hold back tax payments that fund war and KBR. Or telling Joe minimum wage should be $11/hour just to keep up with inflation.

Yep, good thing pols are not talking Joe Voter into reinstating the draft, with first physicals and new uniforms to be given to the 18 to 27 year old sons/daughters of all politicians and the offspring of families making $150,000 plus, with no college deferment, no medical deferment outside of being deaf, dumb, or blind as all conscripts will be assigned a slot fitting their ability (anal cystees could do talk radio direct from Falujah, etc).

Yep, that 2004 election was stolen and if we prove it why … well … uh … ummm … we can undo … we can send that Black dude in Ohio to jail and … uh … oh I know! Oust those neocons and bring honesty and integrity back to government. Now where I have heard that before ….


Anonymous said...


You are on a roll. Loved your "Chomsky-high pile" joke. And without even reading Bobbie, you've pidgeon-holed his erudition to a fare-thee-well.

I kinda liked what he wrote:

And I find that you're reminding more of Henry Mencken all the time. Perhaps you concur with his take on elections:

"If voting really mattered, they'd just make it illegal."

Or perhaps his view on democracy:

"Democracy is the theory that the little guy knows exactly what he what he wants and that he deserves to get it... good and hard."

While in the past I've been inclined toward what I perceive in you as a frustrated nihilism, I actually prefer Mencken's suggested solution:

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist that black flag, and begin slitting throats."

Keep up the good work! I'm enjoying the sheer vituperation you're emanating. I can sense an energy that will soon find that it can be put to good use.

Kate-A said...

I kinda like the image of hoisting a black flag. ;)


Anonymous said...

RFK Jr's Sierra Club speech had the blogs on fire for awhile too; and to borrow a phrase from that speech and use it against him, RFK Jr is "nature tamed".

As for the new Kenny-boy (Blackwell), like Katherine Harris, all signs point up (to the governor's office for him).

Kathy F.

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