Monday, June 05, 2006

How Deep It Is

Surfing the blogosphere I had to interrupt reading, go out to storage, and dig for the hip waders this weekend. It's flooding shabby info. The sewage is getting really deep in the blog world, along with MSM but I expect as much from MSM.

Truth is not in the lead of course. But would we expect any less from the government? Would we expect TPTB not to have trusted toadies as high profile on the world wide web? They completely control our viewing and reading – did ya think they wouldn't control surfing the same way?

Examples I read this weekend:

Embedded reporters let the American people down with their coverage; suffered Stockholm syndrome as their safety depended on troops so they could not report objectively. Reporters were sort of kidnapped?

Anyone not seeing the same atrocity "truths" is lying, denying, or suffering a syndrome. For some unfathomable reason "truth" is coming from the same mainstream media that once lied so much, so saith the "left."

Stories of kicking human heads around, chariot races complete with togas, killing anyone with a cell phone, troops going on patrol totally stoned/high on drugs, tie up toddlers and shoot 'em the head, or multiply Haditha by the thousands according to Aaron Glantz and Alaa Hassan. A geyser of massacres.

If the troops are this far gone I suggest we leave them in Iraq. Who wants to live next door to these stoned, human head rollers, and baby killers? Never know when a vet at the next table in Denny's might go berserk while you're eating pancakes and minding your own business.

And let's give deadbeat veterans the lifetime PTSD excuse so they never have to work another day in their life, living off prescription narcotics and psycho disability. Nevermind all those WWII and Korea and Vietnam vets who lived quiet, decent, productive lives after combat. It's better for big pharma and unemployment figures if returning troops are seen as crazy. We're getting a head start on labeling this batch of vets. Even McCain had his war experience used against him in his run for the nomination – his opposition hinting at anger management issues, a result of his POW experience and some accused him of cooperating with the enemy. Paul Hackett – forget it, everyone now knows what you might have done in this war.

A few "leftists," in an attempt to be forgiving or kind or something, do remind us this was Kilo company's 3rd tour, the stress/fatigue, etc. contributed to the "breakdown." A "left" kind of CYA as they don't want to appear anti-troops. (The same folks make excuses for Johnny Whiteboy's parenticide because of ADHD medication or Holyrolling Mom drowning her pack of kids because of depression.) Situational stress, a hell of a lot better sounding than the twinkie defense.

Another oft heard meme: Bring the troops home from a "war based on lies." Where do people get this shit from? All wars are based on lies. If there had been WMD would that justify the troops being in Iraq to kill or be killed? Does that mean the "left" is peachy keen with the Afghanistan War because it was based on a new Pearl Harbor?

Do you really think WWII was only about Hitler and Jews? Money, power, geopolitics = war. Think hard. Think about who funds and supports the "historians" and scholars and experts who write history for mass consumption. Think about the banksters behind all war. War is a racket of the rich.

This one was interesting: World Bank: Venezuela decreased poverty. "Between 1995 and 2005 the number of homes in poverty decreased by 10 percent." (Chavez elected 1998.) I hope the fact that floods and mudslides in 1999 which wiped out tens of thousands didn't contribute to the decline in poverty. Who in their right mind would believe anything from Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank?

Is this a sneaky way of Wolfie encouraging the "left" with the neocon brand of socialism where the State (corporatocracy) takes care of everything? Is there a Stalin in our future or here already and the masses too dumbed to know it? I can almost see Hillary as the Woman of Steel, the Blue Army versus the Red Army?

The media informs us Al Gore has all but ruled out running for president in 2008, saying the best use of his time is to educate people about global warming. Eh, Gore limped out in 2000 so lets hope he stays out. As for global warming I'm a fence sitter. Why? Because I figure the corporatocracy destroying the environment have to breathe the same air and live on the same earth I do so here's the question : Are they not concerned because they know 99% of the environmental fear is a bogus issue, another collection plate and government siphon for "studies", clean-ups, departments, foundations, organizations - OR do the elite have another big blue marble to live on when this one is used up? Nature will kill man long before man destroys nature. So, yes, the best use of Gore's time is probably educating folks about saving mother nature as she exponentially shortens the human lifespan. Would ya like a burger with that Albuterol MDI?

And then there was Arnie Meathead of California who ordered troops to the border after initially stating he could not comply with the deployment of guardsmen – until he had more info from the WH. Wouldn't you like to know what tit he got for that tat? Did they change the law that would allow the son of an Austrian Nazi to run for prez?

Now the "left" have their turn at slandering and slavering over headlines written to suit their agenda (getting elected). Where will the admen direct our attention next.

Today the Senate begins the marriage amendment debate. The "right" have to tuck their chin down a bit and return to their favored election issues - fags and fetuses. Better them than us I guess, otherwise the pols could repeat their "tough on crime" b.s. and scare folks with the image of menacing Black men ready to rob and rape the white women.

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