Thursday, June 29, 2006

Criminal Bonehead of the Week

Rush Limbaugh, caught recently at airport customs with a script for Viagra in his physician's name.

(Note to folks not rich and famous: The private distribution, manufacture and sale of prescription drugs, or the possession or use of prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you, are strictly prohibited by law. Legal consequences for the possession and criminal sale of prescription drugs may include fines and imprisonment.)

Physicians give out Viagra sample packs from their boxes of pharmaceutical candies, so the question is why someone of Limbaugh's status couldn't simply stay erect with starter kits rather than a fraudulent prescription. Must be a lot of lovin' for the nubbin'.

Twenty-nine little blue pills.

You are a slave, Rush. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch … A prison for your mind.

You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed (in the Dominican Republic with a sex slave) and believe whatever you want to believe such as the Limbaugh name was not on the bottle for "privacy purposes." Yea, that's it, yea.


daotien said...

I'd like to know why someone who is on probation still has his passport. That's one of the first things taken. And also curious to what Rush needs with Viagra on his way to Dominican Republic, a place known for it's prostitution, considering the fact that Rush is one, single, and also a good Republican Christian.

Kate-A said...

Last I checked, Americans going to DR only needed a foto ID and birth certificate to enter.

I would bet Rush is very familiar with DR. I wonder how often he's been there and what he does on his weekenders.

He's a typical Christian, i.e. a pompous pervert hiding behind god.

daotien said...

Even so, are people who are on probation allowed to leave the country?

Kate-A said...

Good point. I'm not sure what the "legalities" are anymore as the law seems to be changing faster than I can keep pace with. But, previously it would depend on the crime, the punishment, the particulars, etc.

As Rush's drug habit and procurement of same is not a violent offense and his probation may be lax, he could well have the right to quickies out of country.

Had he been convicted of looting liquor while Black he likely would have been shot at the airport for "resisting" arrest while on parole violation.

We all know there are 2 sets of laws. One for the haves and one for the have nots. It doesn't matter what the letter of the law is; all that matters is the green$.

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