Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday's Chuckle

Took a peek at DK (Daily Kos) just now and found this.

Yearly Kos: The Magic of People Power Made Manifest. I'm not up to date on Kos (the site smells too much like a government setup to my nose) but I guess this is some type of yearly get-together? This 3 day "workshop" is in Vegas – isn't that where the seemingly tequila sotted bunch at Bartcop go for their festivals?

Kos Diarist: We are here. We are at the gates. We, the people, are coming to power slowly and indefatigably, here in Vegas and here on the blog. We have arrived.

Kos supposedly represents America's progressive liberal democrats (the other cheek on the corporate ass) … liberals are "coming out" because of the "magic of the event."

The Yearly Kos participants were easy to spot: Their "diversity" includes accents of "twangs, drawls, short Northeastern clips." (No ebonics?) Apparently they are also tagged with an "orange lanyard around their neck." They are often teary-eyed from reading their own and one another's diaries. And, they have casts on one arm, from fractures received while patting themselves on the back.

Festivals and scoundrels, and "informed" citizens - oh my - there are just too many ways to be a celebrity and way, way, way too many political fan clubs to join these days.


amj said...


And I'm with Grouchy Marx (but in a methaphorical NOT literal way)-- I'd never belong to any club, political or otherwise that would have me as a member!

Bon weekend K :)

Kate-A said...

Ha, I'm just Grouchy. And want no part of any club that would have me. Good weekend to you too. :)

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