Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The View This Week

This past week or so there seems to be a "settlement" in the air. A truce of sorts between the political "left" and "right" in the US. In other words, there will be no revolution, no major beneficial change for the masses in the US sociopolitical system. The status quo remains intact, alive and well. The election battles may be dirty, the scandals scandalous, the oppositional bashers heard here and there and everywhere – but basically the leadership of both sides agree : Amurika will continue easing on down the empire road.

A few new voices who many felt represented a catalyst for change, have settled comfortably into mainstream politics as the "new" voices of discontent. Blue dogs, yellow dogs, orange dogs, but still dogs for the Republicans and Democrats. They have crashed the gates – and found jobs within. They are the chosen. They may or may not endorse "independent" candidates but overall, they have become the paid pep club for the status quo pols. Rally 'round the flag boys.

The nation continues to be pockets of people with single issues. The Hispanics, the Gays, the affluent, the poor, the religious wingnuts, the environmentalists, etc. Each group assigned a minion to pander to them. After all, we're a compassionate bunch and everyone deserves a panderer. So! We enter a new era of the same old phony politics with a new crop of well-placed and paid netroot shills.

Left and right both will be shedding a few of their useful idiots over the next few months. There is more than one conservative running from the stink on Coulter this week. Maybe Coulter and Michelle Malkin will marry and live happily ever after on their spitefulness. Seems I hear less screaming from the "left" about Rush "Pills" Limbaugh and Dr. "Porno" Laura these days too, although they certainly have their die-hard groupies.

A real pisser isn't it? There are hundreds if not thousands of websites pouring "black propaganda" as fast as the Amurikan masses can swallow it. Some obvious but much of it very slick and very believable. Who can ya trust? Just recently there was the Jason Leopold story of Rove to be arrested which turns out to be b.s. Leopold was, for a while, a trusted "reporter" on the "left." Now circling the toilet bowl. Hopefully taking TruthOut with him. Cointelpro in the computer age or no? Black Panther coloring books on digital steroids.

Yep, here we are. Amurika's liberal and conservative sides are satisfied the masses are sufficiently confused and divided; time for elite bipartisanship to continue the new world order. The first stage of the agenda achieved: they've gotten their wars and foothold bases, their funding, more laws against us and for them, and have introduced the next front of phonies that speak of change and betterment yet offer nothing but more petitions, more SOS (same old shit) candidates, rallies and candlelight vigils.

Yep, PNAC has disbanded. Ken Lay convicted. Scooter on trial. Cunningham and Jefferson caught with their hands in the till. Delay is gone. Amurikans can relax now. Even Fox News covers atrocities, you know just extra insurance so when the troops come home they can't enlist Joe Average in any threat against the status quo. The dust settles. We need only pay more for everything and go on about our piddling lives, having fed the perverse beast of the hungry elite once again, for a little while. What to do. What to do.

Beats me, but whatever to do will have to be done quietly – as "they" just bump off or buy off the head doer when they hear you doing it.

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