Friday, June 16, 2006

Home Depot

Dear Home Depot:

As an avid DIY person and currently working on a bathroom remodeling project, this is to inform you that the white vanity w/sink & hardware (plus faux brick tile) which I ordered last week online, I would very much appreciate if said unit was shipped from your Tewksbury, Massachusetts facility.




amj said...


abi said...

Sorry. Having the advantage of proximity to the Tewksbury store, I already backed my UHaul to the bay door and cleaned out their stock.

Aside: There will be a slight hiatus in my commenting as I move to my new and sumptuous villa in Tahiti.

Kate-A said...

You must email me your new addy in Tahiti as I intend to follow you there posthaste.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Home Depot..I have been fighting with Citibank, who holds their accounts, for two years. They are so apologetic,but no results. Cabinets were ordered wrong..they blamed KraftMaid..then tried to charge me too much. I am now on the three Credit Report places as bad risk, but I refuse to pay for their mistake.
Next time use Lowes or local place.


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