Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fear & Loathing

Every topic, every post I've started this week has no ending; the opinion is dammit and dribble to nothing. Maybe writer's block, or disgust.

I continue to think of those 2 soldiers captured, their death and mutilation and my stomach knots and churns. I think if that were my sons ... I cannot imagine having to live the rest of my days knowing a child of mine died this way. The pain and rage. And fear. Fear, because what if the next time it is me and mine.

I hesitate to say it, but if a certain chickenhawk leader were wellstoned, the more gruesome the better - and though such an event would make no difference in the political agenda of corporatofascist pols in DC – justice would be served. And I swear I would feel a littlefukin better.


Anonymous said...

When this news hit the papers, I was out of state for a memorial service of an old friend. I almost had a heart attack when some fool shoved the front page with the pictures up-in-my-face. I was stunned shitless at first, then relieved, then furious...

During my trip, a 6-year-old lad informed me that the war was "about nonsense". He's a lot closer to the truth than most of the sheeple.

Kathy F.

amj said...

I was in shock upon hearing some General on teevee describing gruesome details of the bodies and how the identification process was going to take a while as a result. What struck me was that it was not necessary to broadcast this info. In fact, it was grotesquely callous and insensitive towards the family members. So what real purpose does this "news" serve?

Kate-A said...

I thought the same thing regarding the broadcast of those details. Our "betters" trying to drum up outrage and anger and support for the war?

They make my ass wanna work buttonholes.

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