Saturday, August 27, 2005


Blame Israel first seems a chant growing louder these days. More and more websites are presenting the line "Israel tricked" the US into going to war in Iraq, along with other deceptions, some failed, some not, some public, some not.

I will agree Zionism has too much influence in D.C. So do wealthy Christian wingnut groups. So do multinational corporations, who package their product as a people's crusade for freedom rather than what it really is : insatiable greed and aggression. Has Zionism had a long hold on power in D.C.? Probably, since the days when Hayem Solomon financed the American Revolution, although not labeled Zionism at the time.

The US has been "tricked" by Jews for decades according to some bloggers and non-bloggers. For instance the bombing in 1967 of the USS Liberty, said to be a failed Israeli attempt to "draw the US into joining the Jewish state as a fighting partner in its war against Arab states." And the subsequent cover-up with help from Lyndon Johnson, who declared the incident an accident. If I'm going to be a true conspiracist let me say there's nothing puzzling about LBJ's behavior; he owed Mossad and CIA a few favors for his limo ride to the White House.

Typically though Mossad, Israeli intel, runs black ops that make the CIA cry with envy. But only to the extent that the Mossad is more successful at tricking the sheople, not at tricking the US or the CIA. It's sort of like the Heartland phrase "can't bullshit a shitter." One agency can spot another agency's handiwork, they cross-train, swap methods, run joint operations. Intel doesn't work for the government, intel is the government.

And contrary to popular myth, prostitution is not the oldest profession. Women were free for the taking when shaman Trog used fire and otherworldly magic to trick his faithful into raiding a neighboring cave. Then came the spy to infiltrate the neighboring cave and report back. Politicians use religion and religion uses politics, and the flocks are dazed legally and morally; each and every time buying the magic blown at them. It's in the divine plan, and gosh, Bubbatrog, you are part of that lofty goal. Just take this club and kill those folks in the next valley, and trust the shaman, trust the leader. Today's shamans and leaders are better dressed with better posture, armed with bigger clubs and better magic intel.

It's beyond my imagination to think the US was "tricked" by Israel. It's that word "trick." Granted, there's a lot of prostitution in government but pimps know a trick when they see one. The real trick is the one played on the masses who buy the idea that the US government is and has been continuously stupid and repeatedly duped by Zionists or Jews or Neocons. There's no trickery or duping here. It's politics/intel and religion as usual. Collusion, is the better term, similar to that between pimp and john. Both are getting what they want out of the deal. Unfortunately, that leaves we the people in the other position, screwed and holding the douche bag.


Anonymous said...

The Israel tricked the US argument is far too simplistic. Those in power do things for multiple reasons. For example Iraq also intended to switch from the dollar to the Euro for oil transactions. Something Iran is doing as well.
Israel does tend to glom onto US positions that benefit itself then quickly discard them when their advantage shifts. Notice the weapons sales to China.
Really Israel using the US is a single reason and not the prime motivator

Kate-A said...

I've read the Euro/dollar and Saddam theory but I don't really buy it. The power brokers will use whatever money system is their preference and benefit. Iraq, nor Iran, could change the money system w/o the brokers.

Israel selling weapons to China, along with transfer of technology, is not news, they've done so since at least the early 1980s.

Everyone has to be armed to the teeth in order to play nations off against one another, and the profit of course. The advantage is shifted by the "glommers" as the markets they manipulate expand and shrink or collapse. Politicians aren't myopic; just promiscuous.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are very myopic. Not a single one can consider the long term implications of any action they support. I suppose it would be different if they created a decision tree before creating policy. Or considered "worst case scenarios" something that never seems to penetrate the rose colored glasses of capitalism.
The shift to the Euro is just one of the multiple reasons action was taken against Iraq. Another is the buffer string of bases built to control the area and protect against future rescource wars. While the shift to the Euro from the dollar had the potential to cause economic worldwide catastrophy it was still controllable.
Mainly any action serves multiple purposes. The human mind can only handle about 125 interactions. Thus the Keneday assassination includes Cuba, the Mob, The CIA, the FBI, and a lone gunman. To follow a single lead refutes the others. To follow all is midnnumbing. But that is the way it is designed to purposely obfuscate.

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