Friday, August 05, 2005

The Gnats of War

The nation plods on with Wilson-Plamegate, some eagerly awaiting indictments. The country is flippantly fed hope with talk of troop withdrawal, as we're reminded regularly of past and future "terrorist attacks," some real, some staged. Alert: Elevated. Experts discuss Iran's nuclear future as they once discussed Iraq WMD, though not quite as dire as the poised and tough Dr. Kindadykey Rice who was afraid to exhale just thinking of Saddam's imminent mushroom cloud. AIPAC spies arrested and recess thug appointments keep the forum chattering. The ruling elite continue on unperturbed and undisturbed, throwing an occasional piece of partisan meat to the coliseum crowd.

The powers-that-be illuminate the mainstream opinion gnats of Left and Right to keep the masses busy swatting at little shit, each side sure their grasp of the newsfeed is most correct. There's enough illumination that the 15 percenters who can think for themselves consider liquidating and relocating, most I know have expatriated already. But the gnatting appeases the other 85 percent nuzzled on the mainstream info-dildo, cheering their team on while the elite finger-flips the country off. Bush is simply a henchman who knows dumb and dumber will call it's a thumbs up.

It matters not if AIPAC stooges, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman are indicted. AIPAC will continue on, with the support of Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton, Bill Frist, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and others, promising undying fidelity to Amerisrael. Anyone really believe indicting Rosen and Weissman, who most Americans have never heard of and don't care about, will make a dent in AIPAC's lobby/political power?

What does it matter if every other month another mastermind, another top Al-Queda operative, is cornered or captured or killed. Terrorist cells in 60 countries the professional gnattery tells us. We'll be cornering, capturing, and killing for decades. For many Americans the "al-Raghead" all look alike, and their posture toward the new enemy of the American way of life is way too familiar for some of us. Only a small percentage of folks recognize BushCo can resurrect dead terrorists. That BushCo has the uncanny ability to capture the same bin Laden "deputy" more than once. Pose a dark-skinned man, wearing a turban or not, with 'al' or 'ahmed' in the name - instant terrorist. If Islam were an equal opportunity religion we'd surely have exotic Hollywood femme fatale terrorist spies caught in blue chador under the desk of liberal purveyors of "multi-culturism" and "diversity" (two Right dirty words).

As if the struggle against violent extremists isn't enough we're given other profiles to fear. Homeland Security Department propaganda tells us that Central American gangs have been recruited by al-Queda to carry out regional attacks and slip terrorists into the United States. This Central American gang/terrorist crisis sprang full grown last year in the MSM gnattery. Cells in Chiapas (Zapatistas), Cuba, Venezuela, any country or region not kissing up fast enough. Well shit, lets build an Ariel Security Fence, and close off Canada too. Solves our unemployment by forcing Americans to take jobs President Fox claims only Mexicans will work, and puts an end to Hollywood movies made cheaper in Canada, and hopefully an end to William Shatner style actors forced on unsuspecting innocent Americans. Join the cult of repression; be afraid, very afraid, of everyone not your "own kind."

The Democrats say stop the Republicans and the Republicans say stop the Democrats, all because the ruling elite know most folks (specifically whites) indulge in daydreams of government for the people by the people. Easy enough as whites en masse have never been herded onto reservations, shackled in slavery, concentrated in camps during war, or had the American boot on their neck, yet. The only mass white noble actions I can point to are (discard the Civil War as another spat among the ruling elite) in the 20th century. The labor rights fight and the 1960's Vietnam protests. And progress from both efforts was easily gnatted away with Reaganism busting unions and the winnable kick little nation wars of Reagan, and Bush Daddy checking white America's war pulse on slightly bigger ops in the Gulf War. It seems each generation learns the same hard lesson, kum baa baa ya, apparently incapable of passing the information on to their children.

It matters not if anyone, regardless of their level in government, is indicted, nor whether it's for Enrongate, Plamegate, WMD, torturegate, Halliburtongate, or anygate. Nixon paid nothing for his crimes. Nor were Nixon thugs sentenced hard time, however much they deserved being nailed in the shower by Crips and Bloods or the Mexican Mafia. How many in Reagan's Contragate had their lives and livelihood destroyed? No matter how many lives are lost as a result of their actions, look where political white-collar felons find themselves. Suffering a little embarrassment for the masters and then on to the Hall of Heroes & Felons. It matters not if Bush poll rating "plummets" as the democrats exclaim every other week. Bush will be gone shortly and the real masters remain in place, out of sight, in control. The elite who rule will issue a few indictments, coin a new phrase or two, give a few nuggy burns and send their felonious lackeys to write books and travel the lecture circuit. The elitist definition of punishment.

Why believe that groups such as "Take Back America" are going to 'take back America?" Look at some of the supporters: Howard Dean. Donna Brazile. Jesse Jackson, Huffington, Bill Moyers, John Edwards. Opinion leaders and celebrity gnats. Who are they "taking back America" for? Their own ideology which is slightly less fascist than the Republican brand? With the Patriot Act, Homeland Security Dept., unaccountable vote fraud, Wars, faith based welfare, machismo armament, etc. can anyone really believe the "left" will undo or redo what has been done? All the legislated paperwork is in place for the police state.

(If you think Posse Comitatus will stop government powers read again, U.S. Code Sections 331 through 334. Section 332 states: "Pursuant to the presidential power to quell domestic violence, federal troops are expressly exempt from the prohibitions of Posse Comitatus Act, and this exemption applies equally to active-duty military and federalized National Guard troops.") We're quelled.

Does anyone believe that the "left" didn't make out as well as the "right" these last 2+ centuries? Same wars, same bailouts, same cronyism, same profits. No one but the common people are going to "take America" and not "back" because we the people have never had America. It's time we did though.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Kindadyky Rice? Hmmm... With those buck teeth of hers, I think she looks more like a black, female version of Alfred E. Newman... What? Me worry about human rights?

While we're on this gay thing, anybody ever ask Karl Rove why he never got married and why he never seems to date any women? Can we say "Roy Cohen" boys and girls?

Kate-A said...

Ha, she does resemble Newman.

My gay friends tell me they don't pick Rove up on their "gaydar" and it must be someone else close(t).

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