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Before the War, CIA Reportedly Trained a Team of Iraqis to Aid U.S.

WaPo - Wednesday, August 3, 2005; Page A12

Before the war in Iraq began, the CIA recruited and trained an Iraqi paramilitary group, code-named the Scorpions, to foment rebellion, conduct sabotage, and help CIA paramilitaries who entered Baghdad and other cities target buildings and individuals, according to three current and former intelligence officials with knowledge of the unit.

The CIA spent millions of dollars on the Scorpions, whose existence has not been previously disclosed, even giving them former Soviet Hind helicopters. But most of the unit's prewar missions -- spray-painting graffiti on walls; cutting electricity; "sowing confusion," as one said -- were delayed or canceled because of poor training or planning, said officials briefed on the unit. The speed of the invasion negated the need for most of their missions, others said.

After Baghdad fell, the CIA used the Scorpions to try to infiltrate the insurgency, to help out in interrogations, and, from time to time, to do "the dirty work," as one intelligence official put it.

In one case, members of the unit, wearing masks and carrying clubs and pipes, beat up an Iraqi general in the presence of CIA and military personnel, according to investigative documents reviewed by The Washington Post and according to several defense and intelligence officials.

Post inquiries about the case prompted the CIA to brief the House and Senate intelligence committees on the unit, said several members of Congress and two defense officials.

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Hmmm…CIA you say?


Deleted said...

I remember that photo from a few years ago. The pukka sahib neocons admire the way the more brutal Israelis handle the "natives". Coming from a corporate culture, it makes sense to outsource and consult fellow professionals.

Kate-A said...

True, but can you imagine Saddam's intel finding an "Iraqi" with that tattoo?

Deleted said...

That would certainly force a conclusion or two. At minimum, it would make the invasion a "joint venture". In the Middle East, it would easily be taken as evidence that the US was invading at Israel's behest. I take it as evidence of a joint venture, with the Cheney administration as the bull goose thug and the Israeli enforcers as the out of control attack dogs.

The likudnik/neocons are stupid people. Which makes them think other people are very, very stupid. I sometimes I think they get a kick out of blatant illegality and bad policy -- bad even by imperialist standards. It shows everyone how butch they are.

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