Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Paul Hackett

I hope Democrats are not excited over Paul Hackett. After reading his web site and a message from Paul at ActBlue, this guy can't be taken seriously. On his official political page he briefly lists 6 items and where he stands on the issues of Social Security, War in Iraq, Economy, Healthcare, Environment, and Guns.

Paul says this is a crucial time for America. (Oh baby talk cliché to me.) Because he grew up in southern Ohio he was "steeped" in "our American values." He's saturated with all the ways of his ancestors (code for c.1860).

First clue the man is full of shit is that after retiring from the Marines in 1999 he re-upped last year because he felt he could contribute to the war in Iraq. Then volunteered for Fallujah. "Religious fanatics and insurgents had seized the city," says Paul. Now, he says "I’m ready to take your fight to Washington." How come only one seven month tour? They still need your contribution over there son. If he would use the same weapons we might have a chance at taking our government from the insurgents in D.C.

Hackett is proud of his stint in Fallujah. A city of farmers, where a soccer stadium became a mass graveyard. Where napalm was used. Where bodies were left to be eaten by dogs. Lucky for the 2nd district in Ohio Hackett isn't running his congressional campaign as the Fallujah campaign.

He bills himself as a "small business owner." He's a personal injury attorney (Hackett Law Offices) i.e. ambulance chaser. The dreaded trial lawyer.

On Social Security he states the system is not broken but can be improved and secured, by capping the SS tax at $150,000 rather than the current $90,000, and goes on to claim under this system he would be paying more but would be happy to. Come on Paul, any small business owner will tell you (myself included) that there are so many ways of paper trailing that tax without actually giving up too much actual cash, and viola! It's paid. And no sane person is "happy" to pay more taxes.

On the Iraq War Paul the Politician states "too many liberals who opposed the war want to see the president’s Iraq policy fail." What kind of "liberals" is the guy associating with? I don't know of anyone, right or left, who wants failure in Iraq. Come to think of it, has anyone clearly defined what failure is? No oil, higher oil costs? Cheney will be unhappy? We'll all be wearing burkas and beards, praying on a rug? He agrees we can leave Iraq once those 140,000 Iraqi forces are trained. He admits this is years away. Folks, have we ever left anywhere in less than decades?

He states: "No matter what your position on the war, if we pull out now the entire region will spiral into chaos and present our nation and military with a far more difficult challenge than we currently face." Same old same old, we can't leave because they need us, only we can show them how to do freedom, run their country, avoid spirals & chaos. If we don't fight 'em there they'll be here. Boo! Heard the same thing about 40 years ago Paulie.

I can agree with his ideas on the economy. He reprimands big corporate handouts and believes we should pump up incentives to small businesses, 500 or less employees. (Imagine millions of little independent Wallie-Marts with 499 employees.) He believes healthcare should be available and affordable for all. He believes "our government should be more concerned about preserving the health of our people than protecting the profits of the health insurance industry and other powerful interests." (In case he doesn't know, the big boys in DC will bend him over and demonstrate how they powerfully pound red and blue politicos into purple butts.)

He believes in the environment. He drives a hybrid that gets 65 miles per gallon. He says "you don't have to be a tree hugger to conserve energy." He goes on to say "when the gas topped out at $2.40 or $2.50, I didn’t pay that price. I was in Iraq. I saw how high the price really was." Goose pimply yet? But he's admitting we're fighting for oil. On Guns: He grew up with guns, he hunts.

Mr. Hackett, displays a meaness toward anti-war folks, liberals and tree huggers. He finds no error in US actions in Iraq and proposes a dishonest trite political stance on all issues. He's certain he has the Dem vote so he's appealing to Republicans who he and his staffers believe are weary of BushCo. He's counting on his Marine uniform to propel him further than he could have gone otherwise. He'll be another empty suit in DC, bent over by big industry and interests. For Hackett, it's financially better than a lifetime of lawsuits claiming Mr. Joe Blow will never work again after whiplash in a fender bender.

UPDATE: Just read Hackett lost. He'll be back, trust me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the honest assessment of Hackett. I'm so sick of the Democratic cheerleaders like Eschaton/Atrios.They fail to understand that if POLICY doesn't change it does not matter what the letter is.
Those are the people John Stewart was talking about.

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