Monday, August 01, 2005

Gods Gone Wild

Before BushCo how many Muslims terrified Joe Blow? As communists shriveled up in our backyard, Joe Freeper, predictably, was given the "struggle against extremists." More threatening than commies, Islamic extremists are in our backyard, our planes, our buses, our trains, everywhere.

Hatespeak tells us Islam wants to place all of Western Civilization under totalitarian Islamism in order to "save" civilization. The Islamists are coming. Our new hate target, for not only is it Islam but includes anyone seen as the least bit sympathetic to Islam, i.e. liberals, democrats, Arabs, all institutes that can be viewed as "coddling" the extremists. Unions, liberal think tanks, writers, professors, democrats, anti-war activists, anti-Israel policy, conspiracy nuts. Half the country may be extremist sympathizers.

The New American has to talk tough and if a believer he/she should inject Judeo-Christian scripture among the kill 'em all. Communists had no god which made them evil; today's Islamism has a god which makes them evil. The ruling class, born of a constricted gene pool, on steroids and enhancement drugs, are unable to give us new rhetoric; just another "ism."

The Jew-Christo/Mossadic shill-o-pundits are loud and clear. "The totalitarian nature of Islam, akin to Communism and Nazism, makes the threat different in degree to that faced during the Cold War, but not in kind. It demands a similar response."

Christians hate Jews, Jews hate Muslims, Muslims hate Christians and Jews, Jews and Christians hate Muslims. Different alliances, same shit of holy musical chairs. Thrill kill but lets call it a struggle to protect our way of life.

"Islam is a terror organization." "Islam is evil and believes in murder. Jesus teaches peace."

Totalitarian, Islam, evil, murder, Jesus, demands a response. Words that send a groin grab to Joe Freeper. Nuke 'em, nuke 'em.

Jews and Christians and Muslims oh my, you're all terrorists, masturbating to god, fantasizing about power and flocking your sheep.

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